Virtual Ergonomic Assessment

On a Video Call

During the Covid Pandemic workplaces quickly moved from well designed ergonomic workstations to kitchen countertops and couches.

Within our clinic we have seen an exponential increase of postural related pains particularly neck and lower back injuries associated with working off laptops and on unsupportive furniture.

We have since designed a virtual ergonomic system that allows us to have a face to face interaction with your employee from the comfort of their home, Covid safe. A full ergonomic workstation assessment can be completed using this interface that also takes into account home safety such as employee wellbeing, first aid kits and fire equipment.


A report is finalised with the ergonomic findings and and risk factors identified, as well as any specific ergonomic equipments. This report can be made out to Human Resources (HR) or to the employee. 

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Assessment

An ergonomic assessment is the perfect way to ensure your perfectly setup at your workstation to tackle the challenges of work pain free!


A good ergonomic fit is capable of improving quality of work, enhance employee productivity and wellbeing, as well as reducing costs related to workplace injuries.