Detailed Vehicle Assessment

Sports Car Interior

Description: a vehicle ergonomic assessment consultation and assessment.

Requirements:  Worker and vehicle must be present to undertake this assessment.

Who Would Benefit From This Assessment?

  • Workers who are required to drive for their employer.

  • Workers with specific musculoskeletal complaints that are impacted by driving the vehicle, working within the vehicle or loading/unloading the vehicle.

  • Companies who are looking to raise the awareness and education for drivers to improve their seated work
    posture and educate them on how to set the vehicle up to suit their specific needs.

The detailed vehicle postural assessment report includes:

  • Consultation with the worker regarding any specific issues they have with the vehicle.

  • Assessment of the workers current vehicle set up – sitting posture, entering and exiting the vehicle, working within the vehicle, unloading and loading of the vehicle.

  • Education and advice on how to adjust the vehicle to improve seated driving posture. 

  • Reporting on assessment findings, advice and education given