Onsite Physiotherapy


It is well known the impact of onsite physiotherapy in the corporate setting. If you want a productive workforce, you need a healthy, happy workforce. The contrary, is a workforce that is injured, incurring higher costs, lost time and significant injuries. 

Early intervention is key!

Workplace injuries are costly. Safe Work Australia reported that in 2017/18 there were over 100,000 serious compensation claims made, that resulted in an absence from work for at least one week. Of those claims, 36% of the injuries' were due to body stress (something that can be easily reduced and corrected)

Safe Work Australia's statistics show that workplace injuries cost $61.8 billion annually. Furthermore, once a worker has been off for 3 months, the likelihood of return reduces to 50%.

How can onsite Physiotherapy help with injury reduction?

Early intervention via an onsite physio program, allows employees to  access early treatment for an injury. The treatment of body aches, niggles or pain within the first couple of days to 1 week is known to reduce significantly, reducing the likelihood of the issue escalating further. 

Having an on-site physio available at your workplace ensures that injuries can be accessed and treated immediately, therefore reducing long-term sick leave, degenerative changes all whilst keeping your employees healthy and happy.

An onsite physio is able to undertake a subjective and objective examination of the injured employee making a determination of their ability to safely perform their job duties. If not, they are recommended suitable, alternative duties. A qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapist will be able to identify and treat joint stiffness's, strains, muscular tightness's and other musculoskeletal conditions using a combination of education and hands-on techniques. The physiotherapist can work with the employee and HR team to better manage and mitigate any contributing factors such as workplace ergonomics that can be contributing to the aches and niggles felt by the employee.